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Abbot Downing Intern Developing His Financial Acumen

February 7, 2017


Traron Edwards was WSSU's first intern for Abbot Downing in Minneapolis, part of a broader partnership between the Wells Fargo business and WSSU.

"My experience with Abbot Downing was phenomenal," he says. "Every day, I was surrounded by intelligent and altruistic individuals who were passionate about their work. During my time there, I focused on learning as much as possible while also contributing to the team in a consistent manner." At Abbot Downing, he worked on projects, including account maintenance, calculating client internal rate of return for private capital, and gave a presentation on trend-following hedge funds.

Along the way, he gained exposure to new asset classes and learned about Abbot Downing's investment philosophy. "We have been very impressed with Traron's work," says Kyle Jorgensen, Abbot Downing senior portfolio manager. "He clearly exhibits a rational and intellectually curious framework in his thought process. We hope this internship helps him continue to evolve as a well-rounded investor and thought leader."

Source: Bloomberg