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2016 Year-End Planning: A Guide for Investors



The 2016 Year-End Planning Guide contains wealth management and tax planning issues to consider before the end of the year.

This comprehensive guide looks at the current tax landscape, strategies to mitigate your 2016 tax burden, retirement and charitable planning considerations, and planning for your family business.

Specific topics addressed include how to:

  • Avoid the estimated tax penalty if your tax projections reveal a problem
  • Reduce the impact of AMT
  • Use retirement plans to reduce your income and plan for the future
  • Plan ahead for thoughtful charitable contributions
  • Consider the potential impact of proposed regulations on transitions of family businesses

The only way to take advantage of tax-saving ideas, however, is to take action well before the end of the year. This guide provides a useful roadmap for all the areas to examine.


  • You should meet with your relationship manager and advisors to discuss year-end financial moves to minimize your taxes, review your overall financial and estate plan, and ensure your investment portfolio is aligned with your goals.
  • You can reduce potential hits to your bottom line due to unexpected taxes by planning in advance. Most tax strategies need to be implemented before the end of the year.
  • Year-round planning can help you make appropriate adjustments for any changes in your personal circumstances, avoid potential pitfalls, take advantage of short-term opportunities, and keep you on track to reach your long-term objectives.