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2018 Year-End Planning Guide



This year has been the first with the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in force. With many new provisions and associated tax planning strategies, a fresh look at year-end planning is more important than ever. The 2018 Year-End Planning Guide provides a comprehensive look at planning as it relates to transferring wealth, managing income and investments, maintaining wealth, and charitable giving.

In addition to covering the specific new tax rates, limits, and exclusions, the guide discusses:

  • Changes and opportunities for individuals, pass-through entities, real estate investors, and more.
  • Options for deferring and accelerating income recognition and/or deductions based upon the new tax law.
  • Rules surrounding charitable giving and the various entities you can consider to fulfill your goals.

This overview is just the start. It is important to review your estate and tax planning strategies and your investment portfolio with your advisors as soon as possible. A comprehensive analysis can help you take advantage of new tax rules while also ensuring your wealth is managed in alignment with your long-term goals.