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Money Manager Selection



In this Abbot Downing special report, we explain our comprehensive manager research process which provides client access to managers we believe have the greatest potential to help our clients reach and exceed their goals. Our comprehensive review of potential and current managers covers all asset classes, as well as specific sectors such as hedge funds, private equity, and real estate. Using both internal and external strategic partnerships, we conduct due diligence, provide recommended status, and assess risk with a highly customized analytics tool.


  • Our Abbot Downing manager research team specializes in sourcing unique and difficult-to-access investment opportunities compatible with ultra-high-net-worth client objectives.
  • Our approach to manager evaluation is designed to separate skill from luck, assess the risks a manager assumes, and help determine if their strategy is sustainable.
  • The research team conducts ongoing monitoring of existing managers. Depending on the due diligence findings, each manager is assigned one of four ratings: Approved, Watch List, Terminate, or Legacy (client assets will gradually exit over time).
  • Abbot Downing seeks to take a measured approach to risk analysis to help provide a more holistic picture of risk exposures associated with a particular investment, and to comprehend client suitability in a more complete manner.