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Proposed Tax Reform: What Does it Mean for You?



The direction of future tax reform became clearer as the Republican leadership released their “Unified Framework For Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” on September 27. While the announcement did indeed provide the framework for tax reform, the details are yet to be filled in and debated. Find out what this means—and what it doesn’t—for long-term planning in our attached summary of potential tax changes and their implications.



  • Like the previous versions put forth by the president (The Trump Plan) and House Republicans (A Better Way), this announcement was short on policy details, but some of the differences between the two plans have been reconciled. 
  • We will continue to monitor these announcements and will weigh the implications of any legislative progress toward the goals put forth in the framework.
  • Planning should be viewed with respect to long-term goals, and the review and implementation of certain strategies should not necessarily be deferred.