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A Thoughtful Approach to Prenuptial Agreements



A common question we hear is how to broach the subject of prenuptial agreements with the younger generation. It’s a touchy subject that combines love and money at a time when a couple is focused on building a “happily ever after,” not preparing for the possibility of separation.

Our recommended approach involves talking to children about preserving family assets before they enter into a serious relationship. This education provides a better understanding of the reasoning behind an agreement as opposed to feeling that it is a reflection on the individual or a potential marriage.

This paper provides a practical introduction to the topic – describing the role prenuptial agreements play in the financial and estate planning process, advantages and disadvantages of their use, discussion of alternatives such as trusts, and keys to creating a successful agreement.


  • With appropriate communication and careful development, a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial to a relationship.
  • Discussing finances before marriage is always a good idea, whatever the level of assets.
  • An agreement can help in protecting the financial considerations of both partners.
  • By discussing your family philosophy “early and often,” the actual prenuptial agreement becomes a small part of the overall understanding of what builds a successful marriage and enduring legacy.


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