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Asset Management Viewpoints: Portfolio Construction


In this video, senior leaders of Abbot Downing’s asset management team discuss our approach to portfolio construction. You’ll learn how our core-satellite approach is designed to help maximize opportunities while seeking to manage costs and how strategic investment decisions between actively and passively managed strategies could improve the chances of enhanced returns for your portfolio.


Abbot Downing, a Wells Fargo business, provides products and services through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and its various affiliates and subsidiaries.

Asset allocation and diversification do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

Fixed income securities are subject to availability and market fluctuation. These securities may be worth less than the original cost upon redemption.

Investing in foreign securities presents certain risks that may not be present in domestic securities, including: currency fluctuation, the potential for diplomatic and political instability, regulatory and liquidity risks, foreign taxation, and differences in auditing and other financial standards. These risks are generally intensified in emerging markets.

Past performance does not indicate future results. The value or income associated with a security or an investment may fluctuate. There is always the potential for loss as well as gain.

Some alternative investments and complementary strategies may be available to pre-qualified investors only.

The information and opinions in this video were prepared by Abbot Downing for education and illustration purposes only. Information and opinions have been obtained or derived from sources we consider reliable, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy or completeness.