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Cash Is King: Strategies for Utilizing Cash in Your Portfolio
Cash Is King: Strategies for Utilizing Cash in Your Portfolio

Most investors need some liquidity for cash flow, and cash alternatives serve as an option to volatile equity investments.

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A Thoughtful Approach to Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptial agreements are a delicate subject. Through effective communication and careful development, these agreements can enhance and clarify a couple’s financial relationship and intentions prior to marriage to provide measures of safety and security.

Active Versus Passive Investing
The debate that began several decades ago over the merits and shortcomings of active versus passive management is ongoing.

ASEAN: A Region of Vitalism
An introduction to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) who continue to emerge as an area of vital economic growth.

Concentration, Opacity, Illiquidity, Leverage, Skill (COILS)
One of the primary objectives of active investment managers is to generate alpha.

Our Convergence thought leadership focuses on transformative technologies in the early 21st century. Insights and data shared demonstrate the significant impact these integrated technologies will have on virtually all industries and people worldwide for years to come.

End of the Bond Bull
A frank discussion of a variety of outcomes and their potential investment and economic implications that can help identify areas of opportunity and greatest risk.

Family Foundations
One of the most important aspects of a family’s legacy planning can be philanthropy.

Family Governance
A best practice framework for maintaining family connectivity, collaboration and continuity.

Gifting in a Changing Tax Landscape
Do taxable gifts still make financial sense? Estate planners must consider the bigger tax picture.

Giving Wisely
Looks at how family giving is more than estate planning and tax accounting and considers ways to transform the transfer of assets into family gifts with meaning.

Global Population Trends
Our white paper, Global Population Trends - An immutable force, describes both short-term and long-term expectations for population growth and trends and the impact these macro-factors may have on the global economy and the investment implications that result from it.

Investing Like an Institution
By building an institutional-quality investment plan, you will maximize your chances of achieving the most important financial objectives for you and your family.

Investment Objectives
An overview of the suite of investment objectives unique to Abbot Downing.

Master Limited Partnerships
Master Limited Partnerships offer a unique combination of liquidity and cash flow to investors while serving as preferred access vehicles to capital markets.

Managing the Impact of Wealth
A focus on planning for how wealth can serve a family’s truest aspirations is one way to harness wealth’s potential for positive impact. Take steps to consider the impact of wealth and start the conversation to ensure wealth serves in positive ways today and for generations to come.

Money Manager Selection
The mission of Abbot Downing manager research is to increase the probability of a better investment outcome for our clients, one which is consistent with their unique objectives and circumstances.

Navigating in a Low Return Environment
Explore pockets of opportunity to take advantage of what the markets have to give in a modest return environment.

Philanthropy + Finance = Mission Investing for Private Foundations
Primer for Private Foundations: Program-related Investments, Socially Responsive and Impact Investments.

Portability of the Unused Spousal Exclusion
The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 made portability of the unused exclusion permanent and now makes portability a viable estate planning tool for some married couples.

Power of Appointment Support Trust (POAST)
Introducing an innovative approach to transfer greater wealth and reduce income taxes.

Preparing for Family Business Transitions
Achieving the vision for the business and family.

Should We Have a Family Meeting?
Regular family meetings provide a forum for sharing news, concerns, opportunities, and challenges in an open and direct way.

Sudden Wealth
This white paper provides helpful guideposts for handling new wealth and managing the transition, regardless of the circumstances – whether the wealth represents a recent windfall or having control of a large amount of money for the first time.

Taking Time to Teach
One of the greatest concerns among wealthy parents is that the family’s great fortune will turn out to be misfortune for their children.

The Changing Energy Environment
A look at the monumental changes occurring in energy, both domestically and worldwide, and the exploitation of new energy sources and their impact on the environment.

The Economics of Water
An overview of the water supply versus demand forecast and water as a pre-emerging asset class.

The Wealth of Nations
The world is witnessing a major rebalancing of economic power, making room for a new and expanding set of rapidly growing economies.

Wealth Transfer Planning: Structuring Transactions to Enhance Financial Results
Approaching wealth transfer through a wider lens to structure transactions to enhance financial results.

Thought Leadership Collection Book
Our Thought Leadership book is a collection of summaries of our white papers and special reports authored in 2013.