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Planning, Family Dynamics and Education

Creating a Shared Family Vision

Our Planning, Family Dynamics and Education professionals are experienced in helping ultra-high-net-worth families foster effective communication and develop strategies designed to preserve wealth across generations. We work with you to clarify the underlying dynamics of your situation and create plans that reflect your values and priorities, and engage, encourage, and educate future generations who will carry on your family’s legacy.

Managing great wealth is not just about the numbers. We strive to ensure your plan is in line with your family's values and builds a lasting legacy.

The Abbot Downing Difference

Dedicated Focus

You receive ongoing support from experienced planning professionals and family dynamics and education specialists to help you manage the full impact of your wealth. Our skilled team, with PhDs and other advanced degrees in planning, psychology, and education, focuses solely on addressing complexities for ultra-high-net-worth families. This dedicated focus enables us to draw upon insights and experiences to help you ensure a meaningful legacy for future generations.

Custom Solutions

We ask questions. We listen. We get to know you. Then, we design and help you implement plans to meet your unique needs while ensuring coordination with your other advisors.

Invaluable Resources

Because a legacy is more than wealth left behind, you receive access to historians, archivists, and librarians from the Wells Fargo Family and Business History Center who help you understand, preserve, and continue your family’s legacy. We invest in understanding the most important elements of your family or business history to provide insightful advice and solutions to help shape your future.

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We have many years of experience serving the needs of ultra-high-net-worth families. We help families build lasting legacies through specialized services, including:

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